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Ali Lake
Literary Assistant

Ali Lake is open to submissions of nonfiction, fiction, and YA. She loves books that show her a new corner of the world or unexpected facet of human experience through an original, surprising voice. She is interested in stories from writers from traditionally underrepresented or marginalized backgrounds.

For nonfiction, Ali seeks memoir, narrative nonfiction, pop science, cookbooks, and evidence-based self-help.

She is looking for literary and upmarket fiction that is eerie or uncanny in the thriller and horror genres—particularly books that explore some type of repressed trauma that bubbles to the surface or is quietly present in day-to-day life—or fiction that’s witty, sharply observed, and captures some truth about love or life.

She is interested in new adult, campus novels, and YA that are fun while exploring deeper issues and challenging readers’ world views. She enjoys fiction featuring low fantasy elements and the occasional high fantasy adventure.

Previous to joining Janklow & Nesbit, Ali worked at ICM Partners. She has BA in English and French Literature from Columbia University. She loves to dance, run, and hike.


Twitter: @Alexandra__Lake

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