THE FIFTH ACT by Elliot Ackerman

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THE FIFTH ACT by Elliot Ackerman
Elliot Ackerman’s forthcoming THE FIFTH ACT was selected by Air Mail for their Staff Picks roundup. They praise: “If you want to understand how the war in Afghanistan became such a debacle, this book is indispensable. Elliot Ackerman brilliantly explores last year’s fall of Kabul through his own experiences on the battlefield, expertly interwoven with his dramatic attempts from afar to evacuate, and thus keep from falling into the hands of the Taliban, Afghan nationals who had worked with the U.S. How much he succeeds in this endeavor gives the book its narrative tension, and along the way Ackerman reflects persuasively on who is to blame for the Taliban takeover.” Penguin Press will publish the book on August 9, 2022.

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